The Shame Must Be Shed

I must come clean!


Something that I promised myself I wouldn’t do while on this long journey I violated. En mi camino al estudio en mi clase de español a finales de la semana pasada, tuve que parar y conseguir algo de comer. Yo no había comido desde el desayuno y estaba hambriento. Translated to English, I was on my way to Spanish class, was starving and needed to eat. Having very little time, I had to get something quick to eat. I broke down. In an extreme moment of weakness, I saw the symbol. Wrestling with the cost benefit analysis, weighing the good vs. bad outcome over the 40 or so steps from the initiation of having to make a choice, I walked through the doors into a most welcoming environment that I (along with millions or billions of others based upon their advertising) thoroughly enjoyed as a child.

Yes, you probably guessed correctly. I consumed a McDonald’s product. My first in at least five years. I carried this shame and guilt long enough. It has kept me up at night, I’ve lost my appetite and I think I have dropped a stone (about 3 kg’s) in weight due to the stress of living with this decision. Coming clean was the only thing that would let me move on with my journey and begin anew with a clean slate. I beg your forgiveness! Especially Mr. Duke. He would be most upset with his workout apprentice.

Disfruta de tu fin de semana! (Enjoy your weekend)

Muchas gracias desde Espana!

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