I Hate Running!

Let me repeat, I HATE RUNNING! Now that that is enforced, unfortunately I am at its mercy while I travel the world. It’s the only exercise that you can do really in any climate and that is free. Aside from the shoes you wear down and the toll it takes on your body. And, of course, it makes you have to clean your clothes more often, as you bathe. A luxury only those who backpack or camp for extended periods of time can truly understand. Cleaning your underwear, shorts, socks and shirts while you shower is a necessity just make sure you will have time for them to dry.

Most of my 18 months traveling the world will be in my designated choice of country(s) ‘low season’ where the weather will be cool and likely wet. Sometimes downright cold. But on a day like today here in Malaga, where I’m blessed with a spring day bathed in bright sunshine that showers down 25°C temps and only a slight breeze, I took to the streets, happily, to shed some of my past couple weeks of bad diet and myriad bottles of wine. Not to mention too many now empty glasses of beer.

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Seattle, I’m Still Alive! I Am Mine.

“If nothing is everything, I’ll have it all.” (Gone)
– Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam)

The journey home to Los Angeles on the railroad tracks began in Vancouver at 6:30 AM. While the first leg to Seattle only occupied 4 hours of time, it occupied 25 years of total recall commencing when I was 17 & 18 years old. Epic guitar riffs and soul connecting lyrics played in my head. As the passing scene politely waved its ‘welcome’ hand and at the same time said its goodbye, tracks of a different kind hummed nostalgically. Life altering events flashed. Reconciling memories from concerts attended in rain, in arenas and stadiums across the US. to the sole reason I picked up an acoustic and learned guitar when I was in college. For me it began in Atlanta, it really all began right here. In Seattle’s sound. One band.

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